24 January 2011

At the speed of light

As I was waiting for the shawl to dry I thought that I might as well finish the pillow cover I was working on. You know, the one I was making from my husbands shirts? If there is any new readers - please don’t worry, he meant to throw them away. No act of revenge on my side I assure you.

As I have written many times before – I am not a woman in possession of great patience. I am more a fast & failure type of lady. As you can see this also goes for sewing pillow covers. I swear that the squares had the same size to start out with but somehow they still ended up varying in size when they were sewn together. I also swear that I had organized the colors very methodical but still the same colors mysteriously turned up side by side.

On the plus side however – I sewed it together at the speed of light! And there is nothing a little embroidery won`t fix right?

Take care

PS I went for the love theme it being my husband’s old shirts ;-)


Heather Woollove said...

Jeanette--Your love for your husband is so evident in your posts! You are both lucky, indeed, to be so happily wed!! XXO-

Val said...

this is a pretty cool idea! thanks for sharing!