11 January 2011

Don`t do this at home

Sometimes I think I ought to get my head examined. I don’t know where I get all my silly, strange or insane ideas from. Today as I was cleaning the tumble-drier from "fluff" I suddenly got this brilliant idea – what if you could use it for felting? I say brilliant because I really thought so at the time. ….I stood there in front of the tumble- drier having a Heureka moment and just knowing that in a matter of minutes I would be self providing with felting material and kissing expensive wool bills goodbye. Most people would have stopped at the thought but oh no not me. You have to try if it works right? Wrong! Well it didn’t - work I mean.

I went about the felting like had it been wool but the only thing I got out of it was a grey lump looking disgustingly close to a cat produced hairball.


So don’t try this at home folks – it’s no damn use!

Take care

PS I think I could use it for making paper clay though…..expensive bills for that too….


LiLi M. said...

Love your blog make over! Hey, my vac cleaner is filled with dust and cheese, leaves, pins, glass and so on....It suits you that you wanted to recycle and that you thought it would be possible, in my case.....

Alexis said...

You are very funny! Thanks for the warning!

Eleanor said...

You crack me up!

martha brown said...

That's how you make paper (dryer lint is mostly cotton, so you make paper pulp with it :)