03 January 2011

Kimono shawl

I very seldom finish something that I knit. It is much more fun to start on new projects. The ones that I actually do finish I very seldom wear. This year one of my New Year resolutions is to not buy any more yarn until I finish the yarn that I have already got. This will probably keep me from the yarn shops until 2030.

Today I had a knitting urge....but I didn’t want to break my resolution already on day 3 ( diet resolutions I usually break on day 1…..) so instead of running off to the yarn shop I finished a piece I started on a “while” ago – my Kimono shawl.




I needed something to keep the collar in place so I knitted a little flower to use as a brooch.

I quite like how it turned out.

Well it’s one down and a heck of a lot more to go!

Take care

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