10 December 2010

DIY 11

A Fairy "Doll house"
I am a great fan of Debrina Pratt and her world of whimsical Fairies. She makes the most beautiful and enchanting art but she also very kindly posts freebies for you to use in your own art. Inspired by Debrina I decided to try and make a little Fairy Dollhouse as a gift for my daughter. ( Please don`t tell….)

This is what I used: a tiny wooden box with a glass window that I bough from IKEA at least ten years ago and found when I was cleaning my work room, printed photos, all kind of paper, colored ink, paper glue, glitter glue and buttons.

If you haven’t got a wooden box like mine you can take a shoebox and use transparency film for printers as your window glass.

1. Decide what kind of theme you like your house to have. I went for a “Fairy New Years party” kind of theme. Now choose your photos and print them. I printed in black & white and painted them with colored ink. I think it becomes nicer that way. Also chose what kind of “wallpaper” you want in your house.

2. When you have painted your dolls you glue them to a thicker paper. That will enable them to stand up. Cut them out but leave about 1 cm of the thick paper at the legs of the doll. Bend it backwards. That gives you a “foot” for your doll that you use when you glue the doll to the bottom of the box

3. Now you do some interior decorating of your box. This is where I usually go wild…Add “wallpaper” and paint the floor. I sprinkled glitter everywhere. You can’t have too much glitter in a fairy house now can you?

Work in progres....

After your decorating is done you glue the dolls in place. Put the bigger ones in the back and the smaller ones in the front to get a sort of 3D effect.

The finished result.

Try it – you will have SO much fun!

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Heather Woollove said...

Oh, Jeanette--I am keeping this post for when I have granddaughters some day!! (Too bad my girls are all too grown, now, for this...I love it!!)