15 December 2010

DIY 16

Christmas mobile
If you live in Sweden and read this post I must tell you at once that I don’t intend to tell you how to make a cell phone – the Swedish word for cell phone being mobile phone. No, I like to tell you how to make something funny or beautiful to hang from your ceiling.

Gingerbread mobile
You need : gingerbreads, wire and string

Make your own gingerbreads or buy them readymade. Make a hole in them before baking or punch a tiny hole in the readymade by using a needle.

Let yourself go wild with the frosting

Make a “wreath” using wire and hang your gingerbreads in strings from it. Use various length on your strings.

Enjoy! ( ….and you can eat it after Christmas if you like)

Flower and tin mobile with glass hearts
Make a wreath of wire. Cover it with scraps of fabric. I used white felt. Decorate it with scraps of tin can and other Christmas ornaments. I use hearts made of glass. Hang an Amaryllis in the middle of the wreath. The good thing about an Amaryllis is that it’s stem is like a vase and you can pour water down it and water it that way.

Hope you like to try it out!


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LiLi M. said...

Hello again Jeanette!
We in the Netherlands use the same word; mobiel and mobiel for a. cell phone and b. mobile, yes our languages are related! Love the idea of a mobile, I have one right in front of me with your card attachted, I attached that to a lamp as we live in a 19th century home and we have all our ceilings beautifully plastered with ornaments and stuff. I can make those cookies anyhow and I love the idea of the upside down amarylis. Thanks for another great start of the day!