13 December 2010

DIY 14

Flower arrangements
My favorite things for X-MAS is candles, flowers and most importantly having my loved ones around. I am not very much into an overload of Christmas decorations. Yeah, I know it is a bit contradictive to the fact that I am doing a Christmas DIY with nothing but ….

December is usually a very hectic time for all so a fast way of getting the Christmas spirit going - other than watching Grinchen and eat gingerbread cookie dough, is to buy a bunch of flowers and make some flower arrangement. Why not combine flowers and candles even?

Here is a few examples of what I have made. Very easy to do and fast….

You need:
Moss, hyacinths, box-hedge, oacis ( the green stuff that florists use for their arrangements), candles, wire and a flush-cutter and something to arrange it all in. I used a silver bowl bought at a jumble sale ( of course….)

Cut the oasis so that it fits in the bowl.

Put the candles in the oasis. It is easy to make a hole, just press the candle down in the oasis.

Cover the oasis in moss

Pick the flowers from the hyacinth. Tread them on a piece of wire and make a “wreath. Place it around the candles.


Here are two other arrangements that I made.

Hyacinths in a gravy bowl

Hyacinths in a big glass jar.

I like the way you can see the roots through the glass.
Guess you noticed that I love hyacinths. Just the white ones though.



LiLi M. said...

Here is where our ways part Jeanette, I guess I'm a deco purist. To me bulbs like hyacinths are a no-no before January 1st! I love them though! I never have decorated with the flowers solely, I must remember that (after January first of course!). Keep your good ideas coming!

Maria said...