14 December 2010

DIY 15

String of lantern lights
As I said in a previous post I really like it when I can make something that turns out less expensive than if I would have to buy it. Especially if I can use stuff that I already have at home. I wanted a “Christmassy” string of lantern lights to hang out on the deck but the ones in the shop were ridiculously expensive. I stood there watching it and thought – hey they look just like paper cups, how about I use those really cheap red paper cups with snowflakes that I bought at IKEA? Said and done! This is how I made it:

You need paper cups, a string of Christmas lights for outdoor use and a scissor.

1. Hang your string of lights where you want it.

2. Cut the paper cups to the size you want using the scissor. If it’s rather small paper cups you don’t need to cut them but if they are sort of Caffe latte paper cups it’s better to shorten them a bit. If they are too tall the cup will “steal” too much light.

3. Punch a hole in the bottom of the cup using your scissor. Don’t make it too wide because then the cup will fall of if it’s windy outside.

4. Place the cup on the string of lights by pushing the tiny little lamp through the hole. You don’t have to place a paper cup over every light. You get a beautiful effect if you have a string of tiny lights in between your lanterns.

5. Light it and enjoy!


1 comment:

LiLi M. said...

Great idea! You can never have too many strings of light this time of the year! And this idea is useful with every occasion! Thanks!