04 December 2010


Wire Chandelier

Dear friends, this is going to be the longest post ever. I thought that since it is Sunday and you have all the time in the world we could do a tricky DIY. All the time in the world you think, is she nuts? It`s December for crying out loud. Don`t worry, I know the feeling. There you are happily thinking its September and suddenly – WHAM – December hits you right in the face. So if you don`t want to try this out right this minute you can always save it for your summer vacation instead.

Being a tricky DIY it was also tricky to take decent photos. I had to hold the wire in one hand and the camera in the other you see.... Okid doki. Are you ready? Here goes

You need: 20 oasis florist wire 1,4 x 400 mm, 0,5 wire on a spool, flush cutters, pliers, 15 Christmas tree candles and an old tin can for embellishment.

1. Take 5 of the florist wires and secure it, by binding them together with a piece of 0,5 wire. You shall secure them about 1/3 up.

2. Bend the shortest pieces of florist wire so you have a “foot” that looks like a star attached to a longer “stem”.
3. Secure the “foot” by twisting the 0,5 mm wire around each piece of florist wire in a spider web fashion. Weave around the foot for about 3 cm

4. Bend the five pieces of the “foot” like it is shown on the photo.

5. Continue your weaving for about another 3-4 cm more. Now you have a spider web that is 7 cm in total 6. Now you need to add to the length of the stem. You do that by taking five new florist wires and bind them together with the other ones.
7. Bend five of them in the same star like fashion as you did on the foot. This is going to make the first set of “arms” on your chandelier and on each one of the five wires there is going to be a candle.

8. Repeat number 7 two more times. You now you have three sets of arms at even intervals. You should have about 20-25 cm of stem left for hanging the chandelier.

9. You have to secure the arms too otherwise the whole thing gets extremely wobbly. You do it just like you did on the “foot”. A spider web of about 3 cm is enough.

10. Start adding candles to your chandelier by twisting the florist wire around the candle. Twist it 3-4 times. Now you have a candle holder on each florist wire.

Keep going, soon all 15 of them will be in place.

11. Soon you are going to start to pimp your chandelier. Woohoo. That’s the most fun. To be able to do so you have to hang it up. Bend and curl three of the florist wires as embellishment and keep two straight up with a finishing little curl. Hang a tread in these two last curls and hang it up.

12. You can pimp it with whatever you like. I slaughtered an old gingerbread tin and hung tiny pieces of it here and there.
13. The last thing you do is curl each piece of florist wire in the “foot”

Tadah! You are done!

All in a days work eh?

Take care



LiLi M. said...

OMG this is awesome! Looks very eloborate! You did a fine tuto again, thanks!

Anna of Helylle said...

This is how I express my envy and my awe;
"flush cutters" ?? "pliers"?? You sure did some studying, huh?
See you tonight!