07 December 2010


Wire angels
In my opinion you simply can’t have too many angels at Christmas. These are really easy to do.

You need: wire 0, 5 mm, flush cutter, pearls and glass beads.

1.Cut off a piece of wire and tread some pearls on it. Twist the wire 4-5 times loosely around the palm of your hand to create a circle.

2.Secure the circle by twisting the wire a few times. This will be the angels body.

3 .Make another circle of wire but this time not as loose as the first one. Twist it in the middle so that it looks like the number eight laying down. Now you have made the wings.

5.Fasten the wings on the body by using a piece of wire but don’t use all of it.

6.Attach a pearl to the body with the last piece of wire and now your angel has a head too.

7. Keep going....

Good Luck

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