08 December 2010


Wreath from a clothes hanger
Have you been to the dry cleaners lately? Maybe you got one of those no good metal hangers that you usually just throw away? Well, don’t. Make a wreath out of it instead.

You need: A metal hanger, flush cutter, pliers and some box-hedge, fir or other winter green leaves. I used box-hedge.

Got it all? Oki doki here we go:

1. Shape the hanger into a heart with the pliers. Make tiny bouquets of the box-hedge and attach it to the hanger with wire. You can also use ordinary sewing tread if you like.

3. Work your way around the hanger and when you are done hang it on a wall or outdoors.

Since I used box-hedge I prefer to hang it outdoors. I am not so fond of the smell you see. It makes me look accusingly at the cat….




Heather Woollove said...

Jeanette--This is a wonderful

Maria said...

Alla dina DIY inlägg - kul och bra!!