21 December 2010


Recycled Christmas tree ornaments from Lili M

Today I have a special treat for you. My dear blogfriend Lili from Lili M is making a guest apperance with a DIY. She is making the most fantastic ornaments from light bulbs. Guess what I will be doing tonight?

Here in LiLi M.'s houshold we love to recycle, now what can we do with light bulbs that don't work anymore?

We'll take the bulbs, some wire, wire cutters, glass paint, relief paint (optional) and paintbrushes.

These are the kind of paints from the craft store I used.

Now this is a great activity to do with kids. I think my daughter was about 10 when she did the bulb on the right. We both painted the bulbs in a transparent paint.

My daughter painted both of these.

You can use other shapes too of course.

When you have finished painting you attach some wire in a loop.

Look here are your recycled Christmas bulbs!

Now this I really have to try out. It came in very handy since my elctrical christmas window lights fell to the floor this morning.....lots of lightbulbs to recycled there.

Thank you so much Lili! I loved it !!!!!


Maria said...

SÅdana har de gjort på barnens dagis, kul idé!

LiLi M. said...

How nice and strange at the same time to see my post up here. Thanks Jeanette for publishing it. Here I always get stressed the last days before Christmas. It just means that I have to skip things like making Christmas socks....okay I'm on the run! Hugs L.