01 December 2010


Origami Hearts
I suck at origami. I have tried to make a crane so many times but they always end up looking more like a squashed goose than a crane. I was about to give up on origami when a friend taught me how to do origami hearts. It was dead simple....even I got it. Ha,ha!

You need: a rectangular piece of paper. Any rather thin paper will do so why not recycle some old magazines, gift papers or envelopes.

1. Fold corner to corner to make creases. Unfold.

2.Fold one corner to center

3. Fold opposite corner to the top edge

4. Fold the corners up at right angles to the center – the heart shape is starting to appear right?

5. Fold side corners back

6. Fold top corners back

7. That was really simple right?

Now you can start to pimp them if you like!

Add a string and hang them on your Christmas tree, make a garland or why not send origami Christmas cards this year.



1 comment:

LiLi M. said...

Of course I'm not that fond of origami too. You cannot let your piece of art 'grow', you have to work very precisely, usually not my cup of tea, but these look like fun and not too many folds! If I give them a try I'll let you know, but this can wait till februari 13th...;-)!