30 November 2010


Wire candle-ring
Christmas is all about candles for me, lots and lots of them and I like to pimp them a bit too. As my first december DIY I would like to show you how to make candle-rings out of wire. It is very easy and when my daughters were younger they made them by the dozen as Christmas presents.

You need: Wire, flush cutters, pearls and a candle for measureing.

1. Make a ring of wire that fits your candle.

2. Cut of a piece of wire and fasten it to the ring.

Tread a pearl on the wire and secure it on the ring.

Add another pearl in the same fashion.

3. Tread another but bigger pearl on your wire and this time make a "stem"

instead of placeing the pearl directly on the ring.

4. Secure the pearl by twisting the "stem"

5. Continue all the way around the ring,

alternate between pearls on a "stem" and pearls directly on the ring.

6. Bend the "stems" to an upright position.

7. Tadah, your candle-ring is done! Why not make a few more?



LiLi M. said...

What a wonderful idea having a creative Christmas count down. I hardly dare to see that I was planning some christmas count down (does the word advent calender mean anything to you?) myself, but unfortunately it is too busy over here. So I appreciate your advent calender even better!
Take care.

Catharina Maria said...

I have made this 4 years ago for my candles with pearls and .
They are also lovely like yours ;-)
Love from ♥RINI♥
I hope you understand my English