29 November 2010

A wonderful gift

Today I received a package in the post. I opened it and was totally overwhelmed. It was the most beautiful vegetable dyed yarn and it was sent to me by the sister of a friend. The yarn was dyed over 20 years ago by her mother and it even had the tiny little labels left that said “ yellow leaves” and “dew-cup, grey yarn, 2nd coloring”.

I sat with them in my knee for a long while just looking at them and thinking about what plans and dreams she might have had for the yarn those 20 years ago. Then I went and fetched a wooden basket that used to belong to my mother in law. She was very fond of knitting and crafting too and I felt that the yarn would feel right at home in there. I will keep it on my worktable and will be inspired by the colors everyday.

It was such a wonderful gift and I was truly touched by the fact that she saved them all these years and even more by the kind gesture of giving them to me! I hope I can do them justice!

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Margareta!

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