21 November 2010

A Champagne DIY

Do you save the corks from the champagne bottles? But doesn’t really know what to do with them? I have the solution for you. In five easy steps you can start to build up your own little chair collection. A warning though – it’s addictive. So when you start to buy the bubbly just to get hold of the corks ……that’s when you have a problem.

Step 1
You need a cork and a flush cutter. It’s good to have a round nose pliers too if you want to bend corners.

Step 2
Cut of the wire at the bottom of the cork. Doing so you get four legs on your chair. Save the wire to use for the back.

Step 3
Bend the wire so that it looks like the back of a chair.

Step 4
Attach it to the cork and voila – you have a chair!

Step 5
Start building a collection!

Have fun!

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