27 November 2010

Snow, Santa’s workshop and a X-MAS count down…

This week the south of Sweden had its first snow. Enormous amounts of the lovely white fluff and really cold weather too. I sat at my window watching the snow fall and not once did I think about how much I will hate the stuff if it’s still there come February. Not once did I dwell on how you almost freeze your butt of waiting for the buss or the foul language you use when sinking down to your armpits as you walk from the main road to the country house because you cant drive down. My heart was just filled with joy. I LOVE snow – now….

All of you that have followed my blog through the years know that I don`t just love snow I am a Christmas freak too. But if you happened to stumble in on my blog today you can read about it here, here and here if you like. December is my favorite time of the year when I am constantly high on Gingerbread cookie dough, chocolate, Glögg (hot red wine with cinnamon) and the smell of fir trees and candles. I have the Grinch on repeat on my DVD player although Jim Carrey in any other movie makes me itch ….but he is absolutely brilliant as the Grinch.

Hate, hate, double hate.....

December is also my peak creativity wise. This year it’s more than ever so due to the fact that my workroom is now so much more organized. Being able to see all the stuff that I have is enormously inspiring, so inspiring that I have decided to give myself a challenge. You who know me know I like a good challenge too….
I have decided to make a DIY advent calendar starting on the first of December. Everyday until Christmas I will post a DIY and I will try to use as much of the material that I already have or try to recycle the stuff that I need but haven’t got.

Do you want a sneak peak ?

So tune in on December 1st for the 24 DIY X-MAS count down

Until then, take care

PS Yep, I am eating gingerbread cookie dough while writing this….

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Jenny at Red House said...

snow is such a mixed blessing! it's great to hunker down and do some crafting though! jennyx