23 November 2008

Getting a head start on Christmas

Yesterday we had snow. We don`t get that in my parts of the world all that often so it put most part of the family in a state of complete joy.

Training for the winter olympics...

Making snow angels

But also some amount of foul words and regrets about not having put on winter tires last weekend as we meant to….and the tires being at the country house…. We set out retrieving the tires late in the evening, my husband driving thank god but had to turn back after 15 minutes. It was simply snowing too hard and the roads were like ice. So we ended up in the sofa with a glass of wine which on the whole wasn’t a bad way of spending a Friday night either.

Next morning the weather was much better and we drove down to the country house in a much safer fashion.

The road was much better….

Summer is definitely over…..

.....and the Deers are grazing in the fields

Back home again I decided that since it was snowing you could technically say it was December….and therefore high time to start with the Christmas decorations. It’s never wrong to get a head start on Christmas right? Wrong is what my husband would say so that’s why I didn’t feel any immediate need to ask him. He,he.
So off I went and bought hyacinths, a Christmas tree of sorts ( 10 centimeters high…) and an amaryllis.

It is my favorite Christmas flower. This one I hung by the stem in my living room window. They are SO beautiful when in full bloom. And you can water them by pouring water down the stem.

I did a few arrangements with hyacinths and moss but put most of them in hyacinth glasses. I love the way you can watch the roots.

My getting in the mood for Christmas preparations also contains watching this….


and also the greatest sin of them all. A sin that is likely to cause me a painful death in an early age. I bought ready-to-make gingerbread cookie dough!

What’s so bad about that you might wonder? Nothing if you actually make gingerbreads…..but I don’t make them I just eat the cookie dough! Oh yum!
When I was a kid my mother used to make an enormous gingerbread cookie dough for making gingerbreads for Christmas. According to her recipe the dough had to “settle” for two days in the larder before baking. I used to sneak up to the larder when ever I had the opportunity and quickly cut me a piece of dough when no one was watching. Then I tried to smooth the surface again so that Mum wouldn’t notice.
Oh the taste….so yummy ….but oh the stomach ace I had….. Now as I am older and wiser I eat the whole package of dough all at once. No need to have the stomach ace from hell days on end when you can have it all at once and be done with it eh ? Am I smart or what?
Watching Grinchen at the same time as eating cookie dough is by my standards considered the ultimate “get in the mood for Christmas” preparation by the way. That’s me! I am a simple kind of gal!

This weekend I also started with my project for Juniforms competition/lottery. The one I told you about a few posts back This is what I will be using….

Red, white and grey wool, some vintage lace, a vintage table cloth and some red glass beads...

The 2:nd of december is the last day but you have to write a post about it on the 29:th so time is runing fast folks! I will keep you all posted on my progress.

Take care


Maria said...

Vi har också fått mycket snö som förhoppningvis ska ligga kvar till jul.
Köpte mina första hyacinter idag, jag älskar doften när de slår ut!
Tack för att du rekommenderar vänner att titta in i min butik!

LiLi M. said...

Priceless that story about the dough! I can imagine that so well! I cannot be trusted with all kind of food, like french cheese and chocolate. As a child my brother and I ate the raw meat before it went in the soup, you know these little meatballs, But for some odd reasons we both cannot enjoy that anymore ;-)

Cathy Louise said...

Hi Jeanette
Just wanted to drop by and let you know they are definitely my charms dear friend...Thank you so much for the lovely comment as always....Parts of Australia had snow yesterday and it is nearly Summer, we are having the weirdest weather at the moment...Love to you Cathy

Angela Louise said...

You always make me laugh Jeanette....eating the cookie dough all at once to avoid too many days of stomache ache, now that's a classic! I tend to go for chocolate cake mix more and Mum use to wonder why the ones that I made were smaller than when she used the same recipe....much nicer as a batter in my opinion!
Thanks for the snow pictures. So pretty. We don't get much of that in our part of the world. Would be nice to have a white Christmas though.It can be very hot around Christmas here but fortunately because we live in the mountains it has been foggy and cool the last few. Much nicer for roasts and puddings.
Enjoy the snow while it lasts and don't eat too much cookie dough....leave some for the Grinch!
Love from Angela.

Plain Jane said...

well, you ALMOST made me start to feel in the christmas spirit. I have a real bah humbug attitude this year. Maybe an amarylis will help.