02 November 2008

Malmö By Light

Some of the parks in the city of Malmö had a total makeover this weekend. Artists and architects were invited to dress Malmö up… in lights. I walked through one of the parks this evening and it was so beautiful. There was chandeliers made of knives and forks, a fountain full of lights, trees colored up in blue, red or orange, a dragon, a windmill with its windows all green… and oh so much more. The park was full of people walking around admiring the lights and it’s beauty and yet it was almost silent. All people talking in hushed up voices not to disturb the mystic of it all. A truly magical evening.

So you want to take a stroll too? Take my hand and shhhhh.......please don`t disturb the elfs and the fairies....

The chandelier made og knifes and forks....

.....and a row of chandeliers lighting up the path to the fountain

The fountain full of lights
that changes constantly from yellow to orange to red

...then suddenly a color explosion in a tree

...turning it quite purple

... a golden path leading up to a blue tree
the green windows of the windmillgleaming in the distance

Lights and the Turning Torso reflecting in the canal ...

a dragon shows it`s ugly face

and walking towards the gates more lights are reflecting one of the small lakes.

I hope you enjoy the walk just as much as I did!
Good night!
See you all soon



LiLi M. said...

I love these lights. Lights and colors that's what we need to frighten the ghosts! Have a great week!

Anna Stilla said...

Vad gör jag i Eskilstuna när Malmö lyser upp natthimlen?


Mandi said...

love the walk...what a wonderful idea have all those colours thanks for shwing them to us it is always nice to see how other people live ....

Anna said...

Haha, vi gick nog förbi varandra i mörkret! Tur att du hade kamera med dig, i alla fall. Varför tänkte jag inte på att klä ut mig själv och knacka på borta hos er?? Så hade du slippit äta allt godis själv... ;-)