09 November 2008

Saturday night slackers

Do you remember when Saturday night meant dressing up and going out not dressing down and staying in? No? I do. Vaguely. When did it all happen? The slow transformation from party princess to couch potato? Well two kids happened. And a husband. Not necessarily in that order. And then age hit you big time and suddenly there was no way you could go directly from the club to work. At least not if you wanted to live until lunchtime and not even if you took just the tiniest detour to Starbucks for a double espresso on your way there. And if you go out on a weekday nowadays you hear yourself say “ I better be going home now. Workday tomorrow you know” when the clock has just passed 9 pm. Í have a faint memory that before I used to say "the night is still young" and then it was usually past midnight.
Maybe it’s a vitamin thing?
Or a germ thing?
Or a lack of sun thing?
Anyway, I hope it’s a passing thing.

Wouldn’t want to start sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons just yet.

They say that many fun-loving boys and girls go unnoticed because they walk around in uncle and aunt bodies. So maybe I am just a fun-loving lady temporarily hidden in a grandma body?

Fat chance!

No doubt in my mind. I chose my slippers over these anytime!

Take care



LiLi M. said...

Hahaha the same up here! I remember quite well that my former boyfriend now my husband and I had a deal that we never should stop going out on a saturday night. What went wrong?
Is it Alzheimer? I cannot remember either. But I know that I prefer my slippers too and a cozy sweater! Have a nice Sunday and a good week!

ellie said...

I know what you mean!
We used to eat dinner any time after 8pm - now I get hungry if we haven't eaten by 6.30pm (generally earlier.)
And going out... hmmmm. We don't even get out to a night time movie nowadays, let alone a club or music.

There surely must be some good things about staying home, with comfy slippers.

Actually - don't we explore the world more; blogging is more sociable than clubbing, if you think about it. (maybe).

Clara said...

Ler för mig själv när jag läser dina rader.
Jag var också en partyprinsessa, men det var LÄNGE sedan.
Jag sitter hellre här...och har det lugnt och skönt...och luktar på mina blommor.....:=)

Det är min melodi.
Kram på dig!

Plain Jane said...

Hi Jeanette
Just caught up on your lovely blog. Love those photos of the city with all the beautiful lights. And your felting looks waay fun as usual. I took a felting workshop last week and tried my hand at home yesterday. OOPS! One really does need to know the differenct between silk rovings and wool rovings. It's looks like I felted the cat!!

Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeanette! I'm afraid that I never was a partying kind of girl. I guess I like home so much that I never really got into it. So being at home in the evening and going to bed at a respectable time is quite normal for me. I really love a Friday night when everyone is home safe and sound with no work or school the next day and we are all just relaxing and doing what we feel like. No time limits.
I so enjoyed your photos on your last post. You are such a wonderful photographer!
Til next time my friend. Take care, Angela.

Anna said...

Hmm, I was old when I was very young, judging by activities, then had a period of time when I was in phase with age and way of living, now? I try to stay young in my mind but it's obvious that my body has a different agenda. I say: Go with your slippers!

Eleanor said...

Slippers win every time!

Maria said...

Det är ju som om man inte riktigt orkar partaja nuförtiden. Kan känna mig peppad när det väldigt sällan är något partaj...och sedan så blir jag bara trött efter ett tag och längtar till sängen!
PS: Prickiga tofflorna är fina!DS