01 November 2008

Felting frenzy

The past week has been a creative one. I had a real felting frenzy and made wet felted shawls by the dozen. Well not really by the dozen but four so far (….and a few more to come I think) Maybe it’s due to the wet, windy and cold weather we have been having. It’s nice to be indoors working with a material that is meant to keep you warm. I tried out different techniques – wet felting on a pure silk fabric, wet felting on a knitted alpaca shawl and wool and linen yarn wet felted together. I had so much fun! And my head is full of new ideas…..lucky for me that Christmas is waiting just around the corner so some of it just might be turned into gifts….

As it was so nice to be indoors I also played around a bit with my photos. I made a collage. I used one of my photos of an autumn flower, two pictures from a magazine and then added a painted background with black ink. I call it "Fear of flying". I was inspired by a drawing made by a friend so it felt natural to give it to him. ( Thanks for the inspiration J). I haven’t tried to draw with ink before but it was great fun! Will definitely do it again.

"Fear of Flying"

Wool wet felted on pure silk fabric

wool wet felted on a knitted shawl made of 100 % alpaca wool

" Halloween"
wool wet felted together with linnen yarn

two colors of wool wet felted together
( sorry for the lousy photo - took it with my cell)

I long for Christmas. I am an absolute Christmas freak sharing my life with a man that doesn’t want to start decorating until the 23rd. We compromise of course…. but we never decorate the tree until the day before Christmas Eve. This year we are going abroad on the 27th of December and won’t be back until the 12th of January so in order to be able to enjoy Christmas at all I have an excuse for starting with the preparations really, really early. Like tomorrow. Oh well, I suppose I have to wait a while more…. But nothing wrong with an early start on making the decorations though… I will keep you all posted.
Take care


LiLi M. said...

You have been so busy! You did some marvelous jobs. I love the picture and ink, I love the felt combinations and I love the Halloween felts. I have to admit that my first thought was: why not one in black? ;-) yeah yeah I remember!
When to start decorating for Christmas? Here the one and only Santa comes over half november and celebrates his presents giving party December 5th. Before he is left it is not done to have any Christmas decoration around the house. The week after my daughter celebrates her birthday. When she was little I wanted her to have a real childrens birthday, with all those kids around the house the tree had to wait, sometimes until the 21st or so. Last years I decorated before her birthday as everybody could see all my Christmasdecorations. I love them. If I were you I would start early as you have to stop enjoying them by the 27th, your husband has to agree on that! Have a great weekend!

Anna Stilla said...

Fear of flying är så vacker!

Jag sitter här och vill skriva så mycket. Om att du är duktig, kreativ. Jag vill skriva om att jag älskar idéen med att göra collage av foton, andra bilder och i överhuvudtaget annat material. Jag vill skriva en del men jag är oerhört trött. Inte bara ikväll men just så där allmänt trött och då blir mina kommentarer halvdana.

Bara att du vet: jag trivs så mycket i din blogg.