07 November 2010

Trial & error

I read somewhere that you could color wool with food coloring. Today I gave it a go since there is nothing like a bit of creative trial and error on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In my opinion this mostly became an error.

Looks more like someone (me) spilt a glass of red wine over it than the brilliant red I was after. Don’t know if I didn’t let it soak long enough in the vinegar or if I had too little of the food color.

The wool was supposed to soak in vinegar and tepid water for at least half an hour before adding the color but it might just have been a tad less….me being a woman with absolutely no patience. I will just have to give it another try. Maybe I will make a pillow case out of this one, adding some applications, Babushkas I think and some embroidery. I have this thing about Babushkas at the moment.

But now a glass of wine I think….

Take care

PS I bought this seriously pink alpacka fleece "comforter" today so at least I got something with the right color.

1 comment:

Heather Woollove said...

Oh, Jeanette...reds are hard even with 'real dyes'.
Before you give up entirely, you
may want to buy some Wilton's Icing Dyes and try them. They are pastes, and I've found that they work better than 'regular' food coloring.