06 December 2010


X-MAS cake stand
I am a jumble sale and Thrift store freak. Whenever I enter one my heart starts beating from all the possibilities that might lay hidden on the shelves and in boxes. Last week I visited the Salvation Army Thrift store and found these Christmas tellers and started thinking about making a cake stand. I knew I had some wine glasses already at home that would fit perfectly for my project. Needless to say I bought them on a jumble sale too….

Want to make one yourself? AS a X-MAS gift maybe? This is how you do!

You need: 3 tellers preferably in different seizes and 3 wineglasses also in different size. The glue from hell – or more correctly, one of those two components quick-expoxy glues. Finally you need some tape to stabilize the tellers when drying.

1. Mix the glue as instructed on the package. Glue the “rim side” of the wineglasses to the back of the tellers. Stabilize them with tape and let them dry.

2. When they are completely dry you add glue to the foot of the wineglasses. Be very careful with the glue. You don’t want to end up at the emergency room with a wineglass glued to your hand now do you?

3. Place the tellers on top of each other and stabilize them with tape. Let them dry.

4. Put something yummy on them. The recipe for these just might show up in a DIY further on…

Why stop at wineglasses?

Have fun!


ellie said...

Oh, I love that tea pot stand. What fun idea.
Hope you are well.

LiLi M. said...

I always love these! The possibilities are endless! You can end with a little statue too, in this case a very small Santa will add to a 'kitch' Christmas. Mmm I see that 'kitch' isn't an English word. I mean totally over the top. Thanks for sharing again Jeanette. Keep the good work coming up!