11 December 2010

DIY 12

Homemade Christmas cards
I still love getting Christmas cards. I know a lot of people don’t send them anymore. They send an e:mail , text mail from their cell phone or a group mail even with the same message to everyone in their address book But I like it the old fashion way. For me Christmas is all about joy, love and warmth – to show your friends and loved ones that they are important persons in your life! A homemade christmas card is one way of doing it.

When I have the time, I make homemade Christmas cards. Otherwise I buy them but I still like to match the right card for the right person. Making your own cards is not difficult. When my daughters were younger we always made them together. Covered in glitter glue and paint we had the time of our life. Nowadays I do it on my own. But I still get covered in glitter and paint….In my opinion you just can’t have enough glitter in your world. I am a glitter glue kind of gal!

This year I was determined to use some of my tiny white buttons. I bought over 800 buttons at a jumble sale which is a totally ridiculous amount of buttons…..so I better start using them. I also used a vintage book with beautiful typeface, ink in different colors and vintage photos that I have bought and scanned or found as freebies on the net. For useful links to freebies you can read DIY 6.

Here are some of the cards I made. I hope they inspire you to make some of your own.

The buttons came to good use....

Have fun!

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