03 December 2010


Tin can angel
I love tin cans! You can make almost anything out of them. Flower pots, jewelry, candle holders….you name it! Today I want to show you how to make a Christmas tree ornament out of a tin can. A tin can angel.

You need:
A tin can of course. A template – you can draw one yourself or find something in magazines or on a Christmas card maybe. You also need some wire, pearls and a heavy duty nibbler ( also known as a double-cut pipe cutter) for dismantling the tin can and a not so heavy duty flush cutter for cutting out your angel. You also need a sanding paper if you don’t want your angel to end up as a lethal weapon.

OK here goes.

1. Cut off the top and the bottom of the tin and then cut it through the middle. Flatten it out. You now have a rectangular piece to work with.

2. Trace your template to the tin and cut it out.

3. Use the sanding paper to soften the edges otherwise you will have made a Brazilian throwing star and not an angel. In my opinion a throwing star doesn’t go all that well with the Christmas spirit….

4. Punch a hole in it.

5. Hang it up in a string and maybe add a pearl or two as embellishment if you like.

Tadah. You are done!

Hope yoou had fun

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LiLi M. said...

I love this! I think that I have never made something out of tin, paper is my medium! My daughter has though, as a small girl she did a course for several years; let's move your hands! She made an angel too and punched holes in it to embroider. Thanks for inspiration again Jeanette!