22 August 2011


I wanted pillows for my kitchen sofa and finally got round to using some of my jumble sale findings. I used scrap fabric and added an old embroidery, a crocheted doily and a kettle-holder from my kettle-holder collection.

The needlepoint field rabbit seemed to be the perfect choice for a pillow since I am surrounded by them at the country house. We have a sort of love & hate relationship, the rabbits and I, the amount of love I feel depending on how much of my flower buds they eat.

I am especially proud over the round crocheted pillow since I don’t actually crochet. I used a round kettle-holder from my collection and sort of just continued on it using different cotton yarn for a striped effect.

When I was finished I had to pinch my arm to see that I wasn’t dreaming – Wow, it was still round. Maybe not a giant step for mankind but certainly a great step for me. I can almost hear my wicked old craft teacher from school saying “are you sure no one helped you out with that”. She was one mean old lady and if there is any justice in the world she is sitting in a very warm place right now surrounded with tons of yarn that is all tangled up….

Sorry got carried away abit there....here is the finished result.

Speaking of school. The picture hanging over the sofa is an old school placard used in science classes in the 1940:ies. Needless to say it`s another jumble sale finding….

I love looking at it. The colours always makes me happy.

Take care

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