29 August 2011

Fashion statements from the commentbox

One of my blogfriends has a newly found interest in fashion blogs…..and glasses. I have read her blog over the years and I absolutely love her posts which are usually spot on and almost always very funny. Can’t wait to read her posts on glasses and see the photos…..being a person forced to use glasses myself, inspiration and pep talk are always welcome!

Inspired by her I did a little embroidery. Of what? A pair of glasses of course.

I made sort of a collage with it and now I am of to the letterbox sending it to her.

Take care

PS I need reading glasses too. I have a lot of them. Mostly the kind you buy at the gas station.... My favorite pair are light blue with dark blue dots on them. My daughters say I look like Fairy God mother in Shrek. You know, the mother of Prince Charming.....ugh!


Eleanor said...

You just made my day. I'm speechless. I was having a difficult week and you cheered me up all the way from Sweden.

Thank you dear friend.

And now I'd better start taking photos and writing posts.

All my love and a huge hug and kiss.

Eleanor xxxxx

teresa said...

Hej! Via Ravelry hittade jag faktiskt en länk till Annis-mönstret på svenska - http://www.maritarolin.se/bilder/annis/annis_swedish.pdf

Lycka till! (men jag tycker faktiskt att du ska försöka börja sticka engelska mönster, man lär sig snabbt eftersom man bara behöver behärska en viss terminologi, inte svårt alls efter ett tag )