16 August 2011

I got gardening on my mind...

.....all the time !

Right now most of my thoughts are in my garden. Unfortunately not just at my spare time ….It’s dead annoying when I should be focusing on my work and the huge amount of different project reports that I am supposed to be writing and the only thing I can think about is how to replant my garden borders. Gardening is kind of creative work too. Shall I have roses? And plant them together with lavender? Should I plant another apple tree and would it survive from deer attacks if I do?

I want to run away. Jump out of my office window right down into my wellingtons, grab a spade and my wheelbarrow and just get started. A bit like firemen do, having their clothes and stuff ready in case of an emergency.

But I have to wait until the weekend comes. And then it will probably rain. Life`s a bitch!

Take care

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