21 August 2011

Berry picking

Today I went in search for berries, black berries to be presice. I decided to try the little nature reserve not far from my house. It’s a beautiful mixture of oak trees, shrubbery and meadows. The only disadvantage is cows. I am not afraid of cows, although in flock they tend to be very nosy, easily scared and therefore running about in an uncontrolled manner all of the time…. No it`s their boss that I am afraid of. I have run into him a couple of times and he never looks like he is going to sit under a tree and smell the flowers any time soon.

But I am a courageous kind of girl ( Yep, Batgirl thats me! Bet you didn`t know that....) so off I went anyway, walking through the woods, humming a little tune, picking a berry here and a berry there feeling happy. The grass was full of little baby toads so I had to keep one eye on the ground and one eye on the berry bushes and while I was at it I kept a look out for the cows too. My superhero costume being at the cleaners you see....But afraid? Oh no not me!

Just as I stood pondering over the fact that the biggest and yummiest berries always are the ones that are out of reach I saw a green Tree frog.The green Tree frog is rare and I have wanted to see one in the wild ever since we bought the country house. So when the frog disappeared into the bushes that’s when I started to get sloppy….

I eagerly followed trying to spot him again. Walking around with my head closer and closer to the ground muttering to myself “come on you little bugger, I am not going to eat you". I went round a big bush, looked up and….. yikes....

...Cows.....and the mean guy ? I bet he was lurking in the bushes just waiting for his prey. I was frantic!

I stepped round a tree in order to avoid them, sunk to my knees in mud and fell headlong landing on the berry basket. I think it was right then and there as I was feeling the smashed berries slowly trickling through my sweater that I decided to call it a day.

This Berry picking thing is nothing for us superwomen anyway!

And by the way – I am not afraid of cows!

Take care

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