17 August 2011

Ösregn/ Hard rain

Sweden is a country where it rains a lot and this summer really sucks weather wise at least in the south of Sweden. I like bright colours and my firm belief is that rain would be so much more fun if you could wear a colourful raincoat. Still most of the raincoats that are sold here are black, dark blue or army green. I have red wellingtons so how hard can it be to make colourful raincoats as well? Hard apparently!

Today my heart made a leap of joy. I was surfing around in webb land and suddenly stumbled over the most beautiful rain coat. In turquoise with green lining. Cravings, cravings! After I had stopped drooling I read on and found out that the company was Swedish and called Ösregn. Which is a very funny and appropriate name if you are a Swede since it means “hard rain”.

All the coats had beautiful names like; Persian Turquoise, milk, strawberry cream, liquorice, Pompeian red and moss green. Makes your mouth water eh?
And even though I am not all that fond of black and green these looked great because they where made with a twist!

All photos from Ösregn

A raincoat to die for don`t you think? I cant wait to buy one!

Rainy days here I come!

Take care

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