10 August 2011

Preparing for autumn

I like wirework, candles and things that are rusty. Here I combined all three to make a chandelier for outdoor use. It is big, about one meter in diameter and I had great fun making it. I plan to hang it from a tree at the country house to bring some light to the long dark autumn evenings that are lurking just around the corner.

I know it’s only the middle of august and a good deal of summer is still left but my vacation has just come to an end and that always feel a bit like autumn to me. I love the autumn though so it’s no problem for me. Autumn is like a new beginning - the colors, the crisp air, tulip bulbs to be planted and new borders to be planned well it sparks my creativity.

Soon Christmas is here – woohoo! Yep I am a Christmas freak too….

Take care


Threads of Inspiration said...

Jeannette, this is a beautiful chandelier. I was on vacation and saw some that were similar. Some of them had candles on them but some had little twinkly lights, the kind you put in a christmas tree, so they were electrified. I fell in love with them but forgot all about them until I saw your post. Thanks for the great reminder!!

Threads of Inspiration said...

P.S. I'm still enjoying your sweet heart from OWOH!