31 July 2011

More windows

Promised to get back to you on the window sash project. So here goes.

For a while now I’ve been wanting something to hang over my bed at the country house, a picture maybe or a painting or some of my own photographs of the woods, animals and flowers in our neighborhood. I have never really gotten round to it mostly due to the fact that interior decorating comes rather far down on my to do list. High up is stuff like renovating the second floor, weeding and growing vegetables and flowers.

On my way back from the outing yesterday I realized that I had an old window sash that would be perfect for a picture frame. Once we got back I couldn’t wait to try it out.

I love the fact that it is old and a bit shabby....

and with rusty details.

I cleaned it up a bit and then I was eager to hang it on the wall. I didn’t have any suitable photos but you know me - I am a girl in lack of patience…..so instead of calmly wait and bring some photos from town I tore three pictures from a fashion magazine just to see how it all worked out….

In fact I quite liked the modern touch so I just might do a fashion shoot with my daughters as models ….in black and white I think. Until that is done these will have to do. I think I need a few pillows though so that just might be my next little project somewhere in-between carpeting and weeding!

Take care

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Anna Stilla said...

Jag älskar gamla fönster! I min hall hänger det en spegel gjort av ett sådant. Magnus gjorde spegeln själv och fönstret kommer från hans gamla hönshus (tror jag). Vackert är det i alla fall. Jag vill gärna komma över ett fönster till och använda det som ram till bilder på min familj.