18 July 2011

Creative days

Ï never went to Stockholm. Well I flew there but then I spent wonderful and creative days in my friend B summer cottage outside Stockholm instead. We laughed a lot, talked a lot and created a lot. Something happens to my creativity when we meet – it multiplies by about a 100! We had so much fun!

I helped B pimp her old hammock and making it a little less ordinary….

Old roof

New roof

I also made a lid for her granddaughter’s sandbox. You know me, give me an empty sheet of paper ( or wood) and I have to draw something on it.

In the evenings we sat on her porch talking and drinking wine while I crocheted or made flower dream catchers.

We visited The Linné Museum in Uppsala where I took a serious amount of photos. There is something about taking photos of plants…. I just can’t get enough.

We also visited a whole lot of jumble sales and flea markets and I made one of my best finds ever – a granny square bedspread in different blue colors made of wool for just 4 euro. A bargain! I tried to keep my cool while asking how much it was and B said that my voice went all squeaky when I heard the price and said "I’ll take it” Unfortunately I had to keep the shopping down to a minimum since I was flying back.

We also visited Alsta Trädgård in Örsundsbro, a garden center with oh so beautiful old green houses.

They had a wonderful herb garden and I made a quick sketch of it on my friends Ipad to remember what it looked like. I think I want try making something similar at the country house.

They also had a lovely little garden table made out of rusty iron and concrete and I just might give that a try too….

Now that I am back home again I miss B terribly. She really is the best friend ever and I hate the fact that she lives so far away. Luckily for me she is coming on a return visit in august and then we just might build something….or make that rusty table….or....

Take care

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