30 July 2011


I love old window sashes. In my opinion windows are the soul of the house or the eyes if you like. The good thing with having a country house that comes with a big barn and an equally big stable is that you have a huge amount of space for storage! So I sort of collect window sashes. I have feelings for each and one of them and for me they all have different personalities. I like to go out in the stable and just look at them and dream about what I will create from them, a green house maybe, a cupboard or a shelf.

I once visited a shop where they had hung an old window from the ceiling. It hung in old ropes that was tied in each corner and made sort of a floating shelf. Ever since then I have dreamt of creating something similar, a floating shelf with candle lights on it in silver candle sticks. Can you see it before you? The glimmering lights reflecting in the glass, Oh the beauty of it all! I haven’t given up on the idea, I will just have to wait ( 10 years or so) until my old stable is converted into my work room / exhibition room. There the ceiling will be high enough.

This is what I would like my stable to look like in ten years time....A girl can dream can`t she....

Anyway, yesterday my husband and I visited Gorms Byggnadsvård at Dälperöds castle

A castle with a barn full of goodies!

It immediately became one of my favorite places. Why? Oh the window sashes of course! That the castle and barn was beautifully situated didn`t make it any worse either.

Are they not beautiful?

They also had a lot of beautiful old doors. Have I told you that I love doors too? I don’t collect them though. This is where my husband would say - not yet!

The car ride back home became a slow one due to …..hay.

So I started thinking about different projects for my old windows that wouldn’t require a high ceiling. But I will tell you more about that tomorrow!

Take care

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