03 July 2011

My stash - 1

My pile of kettle holders is growing. You can get them at a bargain on every jumble sale and I just can’t stop buying them…. I think they are so lovely. The colors, the pattern, the texture – it all nourishes my creativity. Sometimes I just play around with them. Making different color schemes.

I plan to make a bedspread one day…..But I might start with a pillow cover, a patchwork kettle holder pillow cover. How about that eh?

I just have to figure out how to “sew” them together in a nice way. Crochet maybe?

Take care


Anna Stilla said...

Någon dag vill jag göra en filt till soffan av fina grytlappar men jag vet inte när jag hinner med det.

Maria said...

Mums, vilken samling!