05 July 2011

My stash – 2

Here is another pile that is growing - my embroidery yarn. I inherited some from my mother in law but have also bought lots and lots at jumble sales. This is one of my boxes, I have two glass jars full too. I like to store them in jars so I can watch all the beautiful colors. That too gives nourishment to my creativity.

I also buy a lot of table runners with embroidery already on them. You can find them for practically nothing on jumble sales. Sad really, how all that hard work is sold for next to nothing. I like to “recycle” them and make something else out of them. Using them in a new way is a kind of homage to the ladies that once did the embroidery….

On these two I plan to add a message…

Normal people worry me


No shit Sherlock!

A little vacation project….

Take care

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