19 July 2011

I carry you in my heart

I am not very good with colors. I never feel confident around them. I have this perfect color match in my head but mysteriously never can get it down on paper or fabric. I follow a lot of great mixed media artists for whom this seems to come naturally. I always envy them. Clothes, furniture, interior decorating, fabric, paintings or yarn – they just know what makes a perfect match. Or what doesn’t but looks great anyway!

Is this a natural skill or something that you can learn I wonder? I decided to give it a try though, to work on my color skills a bit. And what better way to do it than outdoors. So I could really slobber all over the place….

I used a bed sheet, torn in smaller pieces. I added a lot of water and then sort of poured the fabric paint over it. A bit like working with wet in wet with watercolors. Then I just hung it up and let the wind do the rest.

I like the result of the big piece best. I think I will use it to write on, maybe a poem by one of my favorite poets EE Cummings. I carry you in my heart….

Take care

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