23 August 2011

It is all about dreaming

I planted a new border this weekend. It lies next to the fields and is actually a homage to my beloved cat Nasse who is buried there. I planted clematis ( from my friend B:s garden) surrounded by roses (Summerwind) and lavender and also a little “wild corner” with Lupines and Foxglove. I tucked all the plants in for the autumn in nice fluffy raw wool to keep the rabbits and deer away.

It doesn’t look like much now but gardening is very much about dreaming I think. About how it’s going to be later on….. when the lupines and foxglove start blooming in June followed by cascades of tiny pink roses surrounded by bright blue lavender and in the middle of it all the clematis proudly reaching for the sky.

Doesn`t sound so bad eh? So what that it will take a couple of years – it’s worth waiting for. OMG I can’t believe that I am writing this – me – the woman in total lack of patience! Could it be the same woman that would spend fortunes in plant shops every year just to have the border ready at once…and then dig it up again next year because it didn’t turn out the way she wanted fast enough? The woman who now grow almost all her plants from seeds and save all the little tiny infant lavender plants she finds while weeding…..

Wow, gardening haven’t just got me dreaming it teaches me patience too!

Take care

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