28 August 2011

Short cuts

My head is constantly spinning with new ideas for all kind of creative stuff but my problem is that I want to try everything out at once. So I usually end up with a lot of unfinished projects. I seem to constantly find something that is even more fun to try out all the time… My shelves in the work room are not only filled to the brim with objects that might come in handy some day ( like jumble sale findings, tin cans, wire, wood, scraps of fabric, buttons, yarn, lace, paper….) it’s also pretty crammed with stuff that are almost finished. The fact that I am a woman in lack of patience tends to add to the piles too.

Today I decided it was high time to get rid of some of the shelf warmers. I`ve been meaning to do some pillows for my country house bedroom for ages and even started out on some but never getting round to finishing them. No surprise there eh ? The truth is that I find it dead boring to make the actual pillow case, it’s just so much more fun with the pimping part. So what could I do for a short cut? I remembered that I had a lot of old pillow cases that I inherited from my parents in law. Beautiful old pillow cases with lace and embroidery but since I had a lot of them maybe I could use some of them for my new pillows? Said and done.

Two hours later I had four new pillows, two of them made from the vintage pillow cases and one from an old velvet pillow case I found in my fabric pile. The last one I made from an old t-shirt. I simply took different kind of finished objects that I had lying about and added them to the pillow cases. Dead easy and fast!

Oh I love short cuts.

This one is the quilt that I made out of my husbands shirts but never made a pillow of. ...

....and this is the embroidery I made meaning to add it to a pillow some day....The text is kind of a pun in Swedish and hard to translate but goes something like this "the one you make the bed for, gets to sleep with you"

This one is I pimped with flower fabric and an old kettle-holder…

….and this is made from an old t-shirt I bought at a jumble sale. I love the buttons, don’t you? Yep,it’s Boy George in case you were wondering…

Take care

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