29 April 2011

Hitting a jackpot

After taking one look at my thrift store findings my daughters declared me officially deranged. I on the other hand was extremely satisfied. Ever since I was in London and saw all the exiting stuff made out of vintage embroidery I have been on the look out for some of my own. Today I got lucky, so lucky that I got a bit carried away buying most of the stuff they had. It felt like hitting the jackpot on the slot machine……My youngest said “ Mum, what on earth are you going to do with all the stuff. Some of it isn’t even finished”. But that’s the thing you see – I have a plan! A perfect plan!

These two are going to be a wee bit slaughtered and made into patch work pillows. They will be perfect in my vintage armchairs in front of the fireplace at the country house.

With these four I can’t really decide whether I want to slaughter them too and make pillows or reframe them and hang them on the wall. Hanging them on the wall would look so ugly that it would be kind of kitsch….

I fell madly in love with these two gigantic unfinished embroideries. I like the fact that they are unfinished. They are more interesting that way. Especially the piece of yarn hanging from one of the flowers like someone just left for the loo and would come back any minute to continue their work again. I want to make a mannequin out of them and plan to make the “torso” out of wire netting and then cover it with the embroideries. It would look just perfect in my country house bedroom.

More findings! Two new small table cloths with embroidery that I want to add some text to.

Maybe something like

Same shit, different day


I learn from my mistakes and is thinking about making some more

or why not

Normal people worry me

You can’t have too many wall hangings with sayings in your life. That’s my motto anyway.

Finally a nice big stack of knitted squares in really, really ugly colors. I am thinking about making a throw by crocheting them together and adding some flowers, buttons and pearls. Ugly goes kitsch once again maybe….

Speaking of kitsch. Had to let this little guy follow me home.

I`m going to glue him to a lamp!

I think that’s when my daughters lost it….

Hope you all have a great weekend

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LiLi M. said...

Really spooky Jeanette, as I have been collecting these too! And my family thinks I am mad as well! I want to use them either for a chair or for a rug. Love yours and the deer too! Have a great weekend.
PS spoofing up a shopping cart with one of these would be great too!