08 April 2011

Bunnies & Cards

I bought three different types of paper clay the other day and last night I decided it was time to try them out. First I was planning to make Easter eggs but I just couldn`t get the shape right. How hard can it be I mumbled to myself. Well damn hard. They kept getting either too round or too oval but since Easter is just around the corner I was quite determined to get that Easter feeling going….hm what to do, what to do? Ah, I can make Easter Bunnies. So I did! Dozens of them.

Or not actually Bunnies more like tiny Bunny heads. I made them very fast and without focusing on getting a real rabbit look. I was just trying to get the feel of the clay and let the clay take me where it wanted to. I had so much fun it was hard to stop.

Looking at them now I must admit they all look a bit grotesque staring at me sort of accusingly with their chopped off heads. Not quite the cozy Easter feeling I was going for. More like the Chinese terracotta army but with rabbits instead. Or a single ticket to the loony bin....

I plan to paint them in all kind of different colors though and that will put a smile back on their faces again I am sure. Or at least on mine....

I got two new cards in the post today. They both were very beautiful. The top one is from Corinne in Canada and the bottom one from Judy in the US. Thank you both. I loved them!

Take care

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