03 April 2011

Battle of the unfit

Today I am suffering from a severe attack of gardening induced muscle ache. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I walk like I am 80 going on 95. Absolutely everything hurts – even muscles that I didn’t even know existed. Why this ache you may wonder? Well I spent the entire day yesterday working in the garden at the country house. Clearing out winter and say Hello Spring!

Weeding, raking and digging up the vegetable garden for 8 hours non stop is hard work even for the fittest. Not that I am – fit I mean. I am as unfit as you can get!

This morning my husband took one look at my pain filled face across the breakfast table and then told me to order one of these. The Wunda Weeder! A solar cell driven planting gizmo!

It just has to be American right? Wrong. It’s Australian. Anyway I could never order such a thing. Even an unfit lady has her dignity.

As I was raking up leaves in the front yard I accidentally woke up this little dude. A salamander.

He was a cool guy just waved at me with one of his tiny little toes and then he went on sleeping in the palm of my hand. I made a nice and cozy bed for him out of new leaves, put him down, told him a bedtime story and said I would wake him up in a month or so.

Animal life and flowers, now that is the fun thing about gardening!

Take care


Eleanor said...

It's Aussie!!

I need to get one.

e x

Heather Woollove said...

Feel better soon, sweet friend!
Now is the time you should ask your DH for a full body massage with arnica!! :)