13 April 2011

London highlights

I went to London with my twin sister and although we were only there for two days I’m amazed of the amount of shops we managed to cover without feeling totally stressed out. My feet were killing me though but that’s a small price to pay. We even had time for a long walk in Green Park and to relax in the sun chairs enjoying the sun and an ice cream.

Here is some of the highlights

Anthropologie on Regent Street. An amazing boutique filled with beautiful clothes and home design. The shop is fantastic in it self with beautiful displays and a wall entirely built of plants – 12 000 of them I think.

I fell in love with this Sari throw made of recycled saris and linen yarn in vibrant colors. It was a bit to expensive for my wallet but very inspirational and got me thinking that maybe I should try knitting something similar, a sweater maybe, made from my old thai silk scarves and linen yarn.

Photo by Anthropologie

I also fell head over heels in love with this elephant. Made out of old news papers. Me want!

The furniture floor at Liberty
Extremely expensive but oh so inspirational. How about this Elk lamp? It is called Moo and designed by Trond Svengård and Ove Rogne. Me want that too!!!

They also had a lot of furniture made with recycled embroidery or wall hangings. They where similar to these chairs although these are made by Swedish designer Johan Lindstén . A homage to all the old ladies that once put so much work into the embroideries. Now that is something I would like to try out myself. Guess if I am looking for wall hangings at this summers jumble sales…..

Photo by Sköna Hem

Or beautiful redecorated armchairs and sofas made of “quilts”. If I only had more time I would love to make one of those too.

Photo by Designers Guild

And last but not least….

Waterstone`s bookshop at Piccadilly Their craft book department is to die for. I spent a fortune in there but still a lot less expensive than in Sweden and above all - way more titles to chose from. I`ll show you some of the books tomorrow.

Take care

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Eleanor said...

Wait just a minute.

You have a twin sister??!!!!

I love this post.

That newspaper elephant would look perfect in my library. But it might frighten the dog.

E x