05 April 2011

No bills in sight

Getting the mail is fun these days. For once I actually get letters that are meant for me and not just ugly brown envelopes containing bills. Today I got three letters and I still have seven to look forward to !!!! All thanks to iHanna and her DIY postcard swap.

The first one is from Ann in Sweden. A cool embroidery postcard. Thank you so much – I loved it.

…..the second one is from Caatje in Netherlands. Since LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH is what I try to live by her postcard with the word love on it was perfect for me. Thank you Caatje!

…and the last one was from Kara in the US. I love butterflies – how could she know? Thank you Kara it was truly beautiful!

Will there be a new one tomorrow I wonder?

Take care


Caatje said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks for your kind words on my blog post about my cat and how cool that you posted my card on yours. I'm glad you like it. Enjoy!

Kara said...

So glad to know the card arrived safely! Thanks for posting a comment to my blog. Your blog is beautiful.

skaparlust said...

Men hej och hopp så kuligt detta är och det verkar som det aldrig tar slut, först var det kul när man gjorde korten, sen var det spännande när man skickade dem,nu är det bäst när man går till postlådan och hittar kort från hela världen, som om inte det vore nog får man sen se sina egna kort på olika bloggar. Detta tillhör absolut en av de skojigaste grejer jag gjort.