21 April 2011

Happy feet

Easter is around the corner and the weather forecast say that the lovely warm weather we are having is staying over the holidays. My heart is filled with joy and my feet are happy….

….on my garden lawn covered with lilacs.

…..on my walk through the woods filled with wood anemones

…..and at my daughters school together with real live bunnies.

If you think my daughter looks happy….

….then just take a look at me!

Six tiny little bunnies only five weeks old, all cuddly and warm and not afraid at all. They just fell asleep in my lap all six of them. They belong to a friend of my daughters and are part of her school project. How come I never had that kind of project in school? I remember we had to desecrate frogs at my biology class. Uck. That’s about as far from bunnies as you can get.

Do you remember when your kids where young and wanted a pet saying “please mum, can we have one. We promise to take care of it” ? My daughter took one look at me holding the rabbits and said

- No Mum, the cats would eat them for lunch.

Guess she is not a kid anymore eh?

Anyway, me and little Miss Bunny wish you all a happy Easter!

Hope you have a lovely holiday!

PS Thanks Martina for letting my cuddle them!


LiLi M. said...

Hey Jeanette,

Wishing you a very happy Easter too, bunnyless or not.... Love the weather too, it should stay this way until December, with an occasional heavy rain between 2 and 3 am, but alas I'm not in charge of that. Toodlepip!

Heather Woollove said...

Such cuties...and I mean ALL of you...the bunnies, your daughter and YOU! XXO-