14 April 2011

Books, Bunnies & Cards

I dabble in a lot of different art forms. I am easily inspired but also easily bored and I will probably never stick to one type of thing and become really skilled at it. But I like it that way. Just about anything around me can spark my creativity and I love to visit exhibitions and fellow bloggers but also nature, animal life and the city streets are a constant source of inspiration to me. The craft department at Waterston really got me going. It was terribly hard to choose but I finally settled for four books.

Radical lace & subversive knitting by David Revere Mc Fadden
Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse

Altered Art – techniques for creating altered books, boxes, cards & more by Terry Taylor
Kaleidoscope – ideas + projects to spark your creativity by Suzanne Simanaitis

I have just had the time to take a quick sneak peak but this weekend I plan to spend a great deal of time on the couch with a cup of tea and my books. Oh joy!

Remember my bunnies? I got started on the painting yesterday evening. Some have already got there faces on and gotten a personality but some I have yet to figure out who they are. I give them names too. Guess you can figure out who Dottie and Jack Sparrow is?

While I was in London I received four more cards from the DIY postcard swap. From Cynthia in the US and Dusty in Canada. Both so beautiful and they gave me a nice spring feeling.

The other two cards was from Melanie in the UK and Marie in the US. I just love the colors!

Thank you so much all of you. I loved them!!!

Take care


Heather Woollove said...

What wonderful new books! I'm sure that exciting new projects are on their way!!

hedy said...

Hi Jeanette, Your card is the first one I received from the Ihanna cardswap. What a nice surprise. It has a prime spot on my shelf. Thank you!
Best wishes,