02 September 2010

A hollow feeling

Work had a tear away start. This first week has been crazy. So much to do that I have this constant fear of having forgotten something really, really important and not having a clue to what it could be…..So tired every evening that I just eat and go to bed feeling all hollow inside.

Driving home today I started to think about what the reason could be to this hollow feeling. I don’t really recognize it you see. It most definitely isn’t jetlag, I know that feeling. It is something else. I mean I usually have periods with loads to do and I quite like it when it’s hectic…. I am easily bored. So what is this all about? Then it hit me. I haven’t done anything creative for a very long time or at least for these past two weeks when I have been away. ....and that is a long time for me who usually is up to something creative every evening! The hollow feeling is actually a yearning feeling! A longing for creativity!

Relieved I sat down with a cup of tea, pen and paper and made a creativity list. You know me – I am a sucker for making lists. Anyway this is what I wrote

- Make a chandelier for the crayfish party at my parents on Saturday
- Make an installation for the newly build roundabout down the street. Something knitted perhaps? Or out of moss?
- Knit a sweater from the linen yarn I bought before the trip
- Make a plan for what I want to do out of the fabric I bought in Thailand
- Make a plan for the garden and greenhouse

You know me. I am a sucker for making plans too.......

The chandelier I made last year

How about this in the middle of the roundabout?

Or this perhaps?

Some of the fabric I brought home

Batik on pure cotton. I fell in love with the colors and the patterns.

Even the labels are beautiful.....

Now I feel so much better! I still have tons to do and no real spare time yet. But my list is giving me hope. Hope that all this has an end and that creative days are soon to come!

Take care


Eleanor said...

Jeanette, you're the best, you just helped me with my own hollow feeling too.

E xxxx

LiLi M. said...

I always start with lists too, or write it in my diary! Great fabrics and great ideas! Good luck making great things and enjoy the complete process! Love the gardentool on wheels (sorry I am too tired to check the word) which you might plan on the round about.

I'm still enjoying your gifts!

Maria said...

Underbara tyger! Och vackra kronor, både itll kräftfest och den du visar här.