17 September 2010


As maybe you know I am a keen doilies collector. Many are the trips to flea markets when I have come home with loads of them. I simply can’t just pass them by. It’s something so sad about all the amount of work that is put into them and there they are being sold for almost nothing.

Unfortunately I don’t really like to decorate my home with them…..They are sort of ugly and bad taste…. but I would like to make something else out of them instead.

This evening I found Dottie Angels blog and now I want to make this

Since crocheting really isn`t my forte I just might use another collection of mine – the kettle-holders!

Crocheting them together instead of making new squares would do the trick don’t you think ?

Tomorrow I am off to another flea market so maybe, just maybe I will add some more to my collection…..

Have a great weekend!


Maria said...

Jag samlar ju också på grytlappar, gör något då och då med dem...skulle säkert bli mycket fint som filt.

Eleanor said...

I am adoring your frequent posts dear J!!!

Bia said...

Så mycket vackert du skapar med dina händer! (Hittade dig när jag sökte efter en dikt av Tage Danielsson...)

LiLi M. said...

Great idea Jeanette!! What I liked too, but unfortunately I cannot remember where I have seen it, was some one who had her (obviously her!) wall decorated with several potholders, I had to think of you right away, why didn't I send you that image???????
But I like the idea of a blanket as well, good luck finding more blanket or decoration parts! Have a great weekend!