21 September 2010

Unknown territory

Right now I have tasks at work that are taking me to unknown territories. Most of the time this is very exciting and inspiring but sometimes it is lonely and a bit terrifying. Maybe the terrifying part mostly is due to the fact that I am hard on myself telling me that it is entirely up to me if change is going to happen. Of course this isn’t true but I have a master degree in self doubt you see. I absolutely excel at it!

Today I stumbled over this quote when I was looking up something else. I took to it right away. Everything suddenly felt so much better.

Those who only walk in someone else’s footsteps will never experience the joy of coming first.

Not bad eh?

Take care

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LiLi M. said...

I'm so curious what your new adventure is. Doubting about myself and my qualities is my major characteristic, sad but true, but the good news is: we are twin sisters in that too! Good luck with every new adventure small or big! The quote might help!