24 September 2010

A walk in the woods

Today I had a day off from work. It was much longed for since the last couple of weeks have been really hectic. I woke to a beautifully crisp and sunny day so I decided to drive down to the country house for some gardening and a walk in the woods. I planted roses and tulips and the gardening went without any problems. No wheelbarrow piled too high this time.

I had a lazy lunch outdoors and then decided it was time for the woods – it was either that or I would fall asleep in the sun… So I grabbed my camera and took off. My favorite wood is just across the fields from me and I went there with hopes of sitting on a log watching the little lake and just relax. Not Like that was going to happen any time soon. There I was walking about thinking happy thoughts and taking photos of little frogs ....

...and then suddenly - oh, oh cows!

I am not afraid of cows. I swear! It’s their boss I am scared of. I had a run in with him a couple of years ago and I haven’t recovered still. You can read more about that here.

At that time he had a great resemblance of a German tank and I fear that he hasn`t joined weight watchers since then .....

I couldn’t see him anywhere so I convinced myself that he was probably at the local Bull Convention or something. But I couldn’t shake off the cows. Whenever I looked round they where still there.

Yep, I am still here!

I wasn’t anywhere near a relaxed feeling so I gave up and went home.When I got back to the house I found a little baby grass snake taking a nap in the sun.

I am not all that crazy about snakes either but I’ll choose a snake over a bull any day.

Take care


LiLi M. said...

What a relaxing day off XD!

Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeanette
Love the cow photos. I haven't seen these sort here in Australia. I think they would get their beautiful pink noses sunburnt!
Always nice to take a well needed break and what better than a walk in the woods.
Hugs, Angela.

Heather Woollove said...

Hahahah...best laid plans, huh?
I have a feeling that the peaceful, contemplative vibe you were going for was shattered at the first sighting of the consorts of your potential 'instrument of death'...the bull. Fight or flight hormones are not conducive to relaxation!! :)