12 September 2010

Lazy weekend & strange houseguests

I had a really nice and lazy weekend this weekend, highly needed after my hectic week at work. I did a bit of weeding, planted a few plants, sat reading in front of the fireplace and finished my knitted “necklace”. The last row with 1040 stitches took a heck of a time but I didn’t mind. I was enjoying the feeling of being relaxed and actually having the time to spend. The only problem is that now I have to figure out something else to knit tomorrow when the creative ladies are paying me a visit. Bothersome!

Speaking of lazy…

We have a saying in Sweden ” lat skräddare tar lång tråd” which in translation becomes something like ”the lazy tailor uses a long tread” well that applies for me as a gardener too. I always pile the wheelbarrow too high and naturally I always drop half its content on my way to the compost heap….

This weekend I also had two very strange houseguests. I found this little fellow on my kitchen floor.

I think it is some sort of Salamander. He had lost his tail or maybe they are supposed to do that I don’t know. I first thought he was dead but then I poked him a little and he moved and I screamed… After the initial chock, just as big on both of us I imagine, I went for a nice big leaf for him to crawl up on and then I carried him outside.

Then I found this guy in my bedroom.

A squirrel! We haven’t seen squirrel around our house before and now there was one in the bedroom! I was thrilled and he was in panic" Poor thing, throwing himself at the window and trying to get out. He even climbed the wall – literally!

Do you know what I did? I locked him in so I had time to run for my camera. I am terrible aren’t I ? But with my pictures taken I opened the window and let him out…

Hope you had a nice and lazy weekend too

Take care


LiLi M. said...

I had a very busy weekend! But now on Sunday evening I'm enjoying every ones adventures! Have a great week, not too busy this time!

Miss Sandy said...

Sweet Lili recommended a visit and I am so glad I came by, what a funny tale you tell of the squirrel in your bedroom. You know you are a blogger if you lock the critter in and take photos before you even think of the damage he could cause, too funny and so adorable. Thanks for the smile!

Alexis said...

Your squirrels are cuter than ours. Such a pretty color!